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BIG ROCK 5.2 Shovelhead Swimming Plug. It is a killer striped bass lure made by NJ master plug builder Russ “Big Rock” Paoline. The 5.2 Shovelhead, is a 5″ 2oz Alaskan Yellow Cedar swimming plug, through wired with 1/16th ” 308 stainless steel wire. custom made 1/16th” stainless steel wire hook hangers, custom stamped .034″ 308 stainless steel spoon lips and fully epoxy injected and sealed. Contact info is or at Big Rock Custom Lures on FaceBook, all plugs are made upon order by Big Rock.


61diemai says:

Very cool swimming action with that dressed tail hook , …..a great lure , indeed .
I wonder , whether this lure would work on freshwater northern pike as well , if it would be made a little less buoyant to run somewhat deeper ? Tight lines from northern Germany , 61diemai

Unplugged704 says:

how far was the cast?

sundogforlove says:

where are you fishing at? I did not see any fish on the stringer. Will you follow up?

cityfisherman89 says:

nice will u be at the asbury show?

MrFish679 says:

wow i need one

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